Inexpensive Off-Site Video Recording by TCOMM

TCOMMs Secure Recording Service 

Remote Video Surveillance with Off-Site Storage


Are you interested in video surveillance for your business but not
 interested in investing a lot of money in the equipment? Do you have an existing CCTV security system using VCR tapes or not recording at all?

Safely store the video from your surveillance cameras remotely offsite at our state-of-the-art hosting facility not in your burglars house. Your video will be stored out of harm’s way at our secure Tier II data center and your archive status monitored daily.

Should a camera stop sending video, We will notify on the phone or what ever way is best for you to work out a plan to resolve the issue. This service is one of the many included in the monthly subscription fee.

Contact us for a personal local walk through or if your out of the area we can go over your needs on the phone or on video call.


Where are you storing the most important security asset of your business?  Is your security DVR just sitting in a back room or worse out in the open?  If so, you are JEOPORDIZING every reason and purpose for installing a SECURITY SYSTEM and YOU are NOT as SAFE as you think.


Have you ever thought about how EASILY an INTRUDER could not only make off with your business’ valuables but also the security evidence; STEALING YOUR DVR.  There have even been cases of undercover STING OPERATIONS GONE BAD that were all caught on a security surveillance DVR.  Unfortunately, the AUTHORITIES TOOK the DVR “AS EVIDENCE” leaving the business owner NOTHNG TO DEFEND themselves against the UNTRUE ACCUSATIONS.  Keep the most IMPORTANT FACET of your business’ security system in YOUR POSESSION ONLY under your lock and key with the help of TCOMM’s Secure Remote Video Storage

“A member of a small congregation of a South Side church says her church has been burglarized at least ten times in the last two years.  The congregation believes they took more than 15,000 in merchandize and supplies. The pastor is devastated.  ‘It is disappointing,’ said Pastor Caffey. ‘I know the people from this community are struggling and full of drugs. It is disheartening that this is happening the conditions of the community the economic situation and the things that we are up against.’” ~ Eyewitness News
“Installing an alarm system is one of the most prudent measures a business owner can take to manage risk and reduce the level of possible loss of life or property. Lowering your business’ risk exposure and loss will help reduce claims.”  ~ Commercial Insurance
“Crime costs businesses billions of dollars each year. When small businesses are victims of crime, they often react by changing their hours of operation, raising their prices to cover their losses, relocating outside the community or simply closing. Fear of crime isolates businesses much like fear isolates individuals and this isolation increases vulnerability to crime.”  ~ City of Palmdale Business Watch office


TCOMM offers huge bandwidth with multiple 100 meg pipes to our servers in central California. Our IP video capture software support 80+ manufacturers and 1300+ models of cameras, the most comprehensive choice available in the market today!  Our managed video network services allow you to leverage our depth of knowledge in the IT and video operations fields.  Our digital video systems are customized to provide unequaled remote health monitoring and management over a WAN connection. Working remotely, TCOMM will maintain and if needed, troubleshoot and conduct diagnostics on your organization’s entire video network to identify and resolve video and maintain performance, giving you piece of mind.


You have security measures in place but are you secure?

TCOMM will provide and Assesses your current building structures, infrastructure, lighting, landscaping, security equipment, local crime analysis and your security management plan to determine vulnerabilities to reduce likelihood of security related incidents or liability concerns, Vulnerabilities can be identified and prioritized so that corrections can be made; risks can be minimized; and liability mitigated and future exposure reduced or prevented.

Ultimately the goal is to provide a secure and safe environment for clients, patrons and employees that SAVES YOU MONEY.  TCOMM can provide physical security and risk analysis then give you a written assessment of your location. We pay special attention to people and location.

An audit covers bullet points like *Physical Security *Target Hardening *Social Engineering *Effectiveness of Management Plans *Training Issues for Security VS Non-Security Personnel *Project Management *Vicarious Liability.


TCOMM offers businesses a full circle of security service; security assessment, installation, implementation and secure video web hosting. We can help your business with any area regarding security support.  Or maybe you just need a place to securely store your video records.  Give us a call and our experts will let you know if your business’ security system is weak or if your system is 100% effective!  Call us at XXX-XXX-XXXX or email us XXXXXX@t-comm.com.  Keep in touch with us and learn about all the new and exciting things we have to offer you and your business.  Subscribe to our blog at http://www.t-comm.com/index.php/tcomm-blog/

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  1. Simone says:

    The is my second set in this group of secutiry products. I\’ve added on a few components and learned how to deal with more of the system\’s features and quirks. As far as home secutiry camera systems go, this is a very nice value. While I haven\’t had any issues with the components I have purchased, the previous incarnation did have some warts that have hopefully been addressed with this update. This unit includes the Wilife management software, one indoor camera, suction cup mount, bar mount, table stand and power and USB connectors. I like the product, although there are some reservations. You have to know your needs very well in order to know if this is right for you. The design of the indoor cameras is very unique though somewhat blocky. The outdoor cameras are more traditionally shaped. In any event, they all seem to work well once set up. PROS: + Updated hardware and software should improve reliability and ease of use + Nice power over Ethernet design means no batteries needed + Nice price for a fully functioning starter system + Improved cell phone and email alert features + Very easy to add cameras to the system + Nice available accessories to add on to your installation + Nice interface for management software with many customizable settings + Default settings will meet the needs of novice users without adjustments + System is motion activated, saving storage space + Video recordings are easily backed, copied, or erased + Video can be accessed via live feed over the internet + Firmware updates are readily available, with caveats CONS: – Installation can be somewhat time-consuming – Despite what they tell you, DO NOT ENABLE AUTOMATIC FIRMWARE UPDATES!!! Do them manually – Some features require a premium subscription at an additional cost – The starter set should have included at least one more camera – Lack of audio will disappoint more demanding users – Latency on website video access – Software interface requires some getting used to CONSIDERATIONS 1. Your camera must be close to an outlet to connect it via the included 10 foot cable. 2. You have to manually adjust the camera focus, so adjust it before mounting. 3. Your computer must meet the hardware and software requirements. 4. Your computer must be on all the time for video recording. 5. You will need a broadband connection to access this video remotely. 6. This power-line connection will work better with newer wiring. 7. It\’s best to set up extra hard drive space for at least 10 GB of videos. 8. The computer recording video needs to be a PC. A Mac running Windows in a virtual machine software might work. INSTALLATION Physically installing the cameras is straightforward. The receiver and the camera must be attached through power outlet via receiver plugs. The system connects to your computer over the power interface via the USB port. The software installation still requires some patience and hardware knowledge. Computers running Windows Vista, Antivirus software and software firewalls will need those secutiry settings disabled to get the Wilife software to install. Still, it\’s well worth it to have this system installed on a secure computer. You can re-enable all that stuff when you are done, making sure to allow for your firewall to permit the Wilife software to access the internet. Installing on XP may be slightly easier, but you will still have to deal with disabling your Antivirus or desktop firewall if you are running those. You should want the computer that\’s storing your home secutiry video files to be secure. Taking the extra time to have AV and a firewall working is worth the effort. Windows Vista requires a few reboots before the software installs and sees the cameras. On my first installation of the product I experienced some initial hanging, but I had better luck the second time I set up the starter kit in a different location. So the software has been improved, but it is still beneficial to be comfortable with computers. Setup can take about an hour or two depending on how you place your cameras and the speed of your computer. If you have issues, contacting support should be relatively painless, though I have not had to call them with the two systems I have set up. SETTINGS AND EXPANSION The system has options for adding on hardware in terms of more cameras and software in terms of premium features. If you want multiple cameras, you will have to buy those additional units as add-ons. It would have been nice if they would have simply

  2. Greek services says:

    Howdy! I could have sworn I’ve visited this web site before but after browsing through a few of the articles I realized it’s new to
    me. Anyways, I’m definitely pleased I found it and I’ll be bookmarking it and checking back often!

  3. Tony Tosco says:

    We use Ayera, they have very fast pipes and can handle the biggest sites easily.

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